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The T-72 Ural, or Object. 172M, was the original T-72 and is the least technologically gifted among its “brothers”. The hull glacis armour benefited from a composite construction taken directly from the T-64A, and the turret was a single homogeneous steel casting. The all-steel turret was closely based daftar judi slot on the turret of the T-64A but differed somewhat in the shape of the frontal profile and most of all in the shape of the back half, as it had a distinctive step between the almost-flat rear armour and the heavily sloped roof to house the AZ autoloader ammunition lifter and rammer mechanisms.

After four years at Clemson, Grant got the head coaching job at the College of Charleston where took over for a team that went 14-18 the previous season and who fired their coach for verbal abuse of the players. In his first season he went 9-24, then he went 17-14 in his second season. In his third season he his stride and went 25-10 while going to the NIT. This season he is 26-7 and he will be in his first NCAA tournament after winning the Colonial Athletic Conference as the top seed. Getting into the tournament makes him a major player for top level jobs, since top programs rarely hire a mid-major head coach that hasn’t at least gotten to the biggest stage.

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